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Reliable Caregivers has provided competent, caring and professional care for my mother for over a year. I live out of state and their care has given me a peace of mind. Although my mother lives in a senior community residence she has needed additional care. The care managers have graduate degrees in gerontology and understand the needs of the geriatric dementia patient. The assigned care manager is an active participant in the team conferences at the senior residence and has plays a key role in resolving issues. I am notified about changes in the schedule and receive periodic updates about my mother. The care manager makes on-site visits to meet and observe my mother and the caregivers. I strongly recommend them.
Posted on Yelp on 10/4/16 by Polly G., San Francisco, CA
My father arranged for evening care after release from major surgery. We worried about overnight care, meds, mobility. We met Linda, the owner of Reliable, in my hospital room and had a dual interview that included me sharing images I created to view in the hospital of sights and people and statements to encourage me, Linda got me. She selected three intriguing personalities, each of whom I shared common interest. After the family left for the evening we’d talk when perhaps I should have rested. But these caregivers cared about taking my mind off myself and for a couple of hours I was transported to the future. Linda selects who matches with whom with perfection. In a heartbeat, without question I give this service ten stars, Yelp allows only for five.
Posted on Yelp on 11/1/15 by Mark F., San Francisco, CA
Dear Catherine and the staff at Reliable, you have chosen an apt name for your organization! Reliable you are and certainly were to us. I will sing your praises to all in need. Each person you sent was special and good at his work. My husband and my lives were made easier and more tolerable. Having Caregiver F. with us at the end was a blessing beyond words. Then, Caregiver A. arrived to shoulder the burden of the rest of that unforgettable day. I will always be grateful. Caregivers W., G., and J.R. were excellent, wise and kind. A fine “crew”. Many, many thanks.
10/21/15, Helen H.
Reliable Caregivers helped me take care of my loved one for four years. The caregivers were very compassionate and dependable. They managed all the activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, transfer assistance and incontinence care. They cooked wonderful meals and managed all the laundry and even helped with shopping. The case manager was so helpful with oversight and even visited to make sure everything was going well. I would recommend them for anyone looking for reliable in home care and assistance.
Posted on Yelp on 6/2/15 by Christopher J,, San Francisco, CA
We have had nothing but very positive experiences with Reliable Caregivers! They are organized and professional and have very helpful staff. I would absolutely recommend Reliable Caregivers to any person looking for care for a loved one!
Posted on Yelp on 4/2/14 by Stephanie S., San Mateo, CA
My dear Father died on Friday July 12th. My friend and partner stayed with my Mother, who had been suffering from worsening dementia, while I went to work, and started looking for suitable elder care. He found Reliable Caregivers on a list from a UCSF social worker, made a phone call, and interviewed someone from Reliable soon thereafter. On Saturday July 13th, Reliable sent over a caregiver, and continued to send over caregivers through December, as needed, when I was able to place Mom in a nearby facility. I found the folks at Reliable to be incredibly kind, friendly, and well, reliable. Sometimes at a moment’s notice I would need someone to stay with Mom because I had to work, and they took pains to make sure a caregiver came over. I would highly recommend their services!
Posted on Yelp on 1/9/14 by Maya M., San Francisco, CA
From the very first time that I spoke Jennifer at Reliable Caregivers, I knew that my sister was in good hands. I live in San Diego, and so it was hard for me to get an accurate account of my sister’s progress after her surgery. The people that took care of my sister were personable, professional and reliable. My sister was very pleased with all aspects of her care. Months after my sister’s need for assistance ended, the people there still kept in touch and periodically checked up on my sister for me. After my sister passed away, I remembered how well my sister’s caregiver got along with her dog. They even helped me find a loving home for him.
Posted on Yelp on 10/28/13 by Jim M., Lemon Grove, CA
Just as their name implies, Reliable Caregivers is “reliable.” They have carefully assembled a team of dedicated, compassionate and professional caregivers. They were there for my family in our time of need and would not hesitate to recommend them.
Posted on Yelp on 7/16/12 by Mario D., San Francisco, CA
I recently partnered with Reliable in helping out a family and found their care and professionalism to be exceptional. I would endorse and recommend them wholeheartedly and without hesitation.
Posted on Yelp on 4/2/13 by Zbigniew R., Sausalito, CA
As a health care professional, I truly believe in first class service. Reliable Caregivers provides the highest standards in care from the time you make the first call to the intake process and to the day to day care that allows you to know your client/parent/friend is safe at home. It’s nice to know their staff is quick to respond and continues to strive for the very best. Attention to detail with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed makes a world of a difference when caring for a loved one and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to seek care than with Reliable.
Posted on Yelp on 3/28/12 by Caroline C., San Francisco, CA
It would have been very difficult the first week at home without the very good help I had. Ida was wonderful!
Gloria L., San Francisco, CA
I am most grateful to Reliable Caregivers. For nearly two years they have helped me manage my mother’s home care. The office staff is exremeley accomadating and flexible to our schedule and needs. We curently have two spectacular caregivers whom are not only efficient and profesional but also kind and sensitive. It took a few different caregivers ( and again the office staff was very helpful) before we found the perfect match and now that we have, my mother is very grateful and looks forward to their assistance and company and I feel she is in good hans when I am not with her.
Posted on Yelp on 3/6/12 by Muna M., Pacifica, CA
Reliable Caregivers has been exemplary in helping me take care of my aging parents. I do not live in San Francisco and have relied on Reliable Caregivers. The caregivers they send are punctual and responsive to the needs of my parents. I know my parents are in good hands.
Posted on Yelp on 1/10/12 by Christina W., Shreveport, LA
We want to express our thanks to you and your staff at Reliable Caregivers for your cooperation and help over the last few months. It has meant a lot during a difficult period. Your expression of sympathy meant a lot to us. Luz was impressed with your agency and having been a hospice nurse, heard good things about you. I would recommend you to any and all friends.
Julie M., San Francisco, CA
Look no further for In Home Care for your loved one! I searched and when I found Reliable who was recommended to me by St. Mary’s I was so relieved. My Mother who then had just turned 89 was coming out of a long stay in the hospital two and a half years ago, and Reliable took care of everything for me in her home. In the years I have worked with the staff, I have found everyone to be first and foremost concerened about My Moms well being. I have never heard the words “NO” , “We can’t do that”, or “That is not in our job description”. Communication is key to me because I live an hour away. I have no worries or fears because I can reach someone at Reliable 24/7. I appreciate the home checks they do as well as the on-going training they give their employees. I can only hope that when my husband and I are in our 90′s that Reliable will be there to help us with the same compassion, knowledge and professionalism.
Posted on Yelp on 12/17/11 by Dryden B., Santa Rosa, CA
My name is A.M. and I arranged for your company to provide 24 hour care for my sister 2 weeks ago.

She passed away Sunday Oct 2, 2011 and your wonderful employee, Elena, was with her. Elena was a kind and competent attendant to my sister in her final days. She jumped right in the first day when she helped me get her to her doctor’s appointment. Elena provided excellent care to her and met her every need which was just what I wanted for her in her final days.

When my sister’s breathing changed Sunday morning, Elena immediately called the hospice nurse on call who suggested Elena give her a small [pre-filled] dose of oral morphine. Elena said she did that and her breathing just slowed down. I didn’t think she would die that day but from what Elena told me, the two of them had some really nice conversations Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I think my sister picked her time. She had said goodbye to much of the family and two dear friends on Saturday. I think she was ready.

While I had hoped to be there when she died, I feel so good about having Elena there with her. Not only was my sister not alone, she was in excellent, caring hands.

I have just as much admiration for Maricel who was with her when she first came home on Friday and was with her until Wednesday, when Elena came. Maricel was so sweet and conscientious with her. Kind and gentle. Her notes in the binder were phenomenal! So detailed. She really cared about her. We both cried when she left.

Please, please share this email with Maricel and Elena.

Thank you all so much. I will recommend your agency to any of my friends who may need you.

A.M., (sister)
This agency is just what they say—Reliable! No one, and I mean no one, cares as much about their patients as Reliable does. If you are looking for quality caregivers who have been trained and bonded, hire Reliable. Your family member will be in good hands.
Posted on Yelp by Joan M., on 8/11/11, Oakland, CA
Reliable was a lifesaver. Their caregiver appeared at just the right time. They helped our family when we needed it most and with professionalism and great service. I highly recommend them.
J.M., San Francisco, CA
“Thank you and your staff for such excellent service. You immediately answered all of our questions (and calmed our concerns) at the beginning of this journey, supplied us with an abundance of candidates to interview, and was extremely helpful when one candidate wasn’t a match, and quick to help us find a new one. My Mom absolutely adores (A) and (P). In the past couple of months they have become our family. (My two kids even enjoy interacting with them as they have read a book with them and even have indulged them in a game of hide and seek once in a while.)

If it weren’t for (A), (P), and the services of Reliable Caregivers, my family would have been a WRECK trying to provide for my mother the past couple of months. With them on duty, we were assured that she was receiving the best care AND if it not for them, my Mom’s recovery would not have progressed as well as it has. They were encouraging and patient with her each step of the way and were faithful in helping her with her daily therapies and then some (and believe me, my Mom can be pretty stubborn). They were always professional and have a very good work ethic. My family thanks you and them with all of our hearts.

Thank you again… And if we find ourselves in need of Reliable’s services again, we will give you a call. (I hope that we don’t but it is nice to know that you are an agency we can trust!)”

S.J.C. (daughter)
The caregivers treated my mother and her entire family with kindness and respect. They made the difficult times much easier to deal with.

And I appreciated the agency working with me to find the right fit, always being willing and able to find a replacement as we went through a few before finding the right weekend caregiver.

It gave me great peace of mind to know that I would not have to scramble if a caregiver needed to take the day off.

Everyone at Reliable responded with efficiency and kindness even in the most difficult of circumstances.

H.G. (daughter)
My description of their services is nicely summarized by their name. So far, they have been a huge help for my family. Caregivers and other staff have been responsive, polite, and proactive. We’re continuing to use them.
Posted on Yelp on 8/4/16 by Arun D., San Francisco, CA
After 83 years of living I seldom have come across a business that meets its promises of service. Linda Leary’s Reliable Caregivers is such a enterprise. My 56 year old son had to have his right kidney removed. He has no family for post operative care in San Francisco. While I and one of his sisters were able to provide day care, his evenings and nights need coverage. Reliable Caregivers was recommended by two sources. When I called, I was referred to Linda, the owner, for consultation, She was responsive, informative, warm and understanding and agreed to an interview with me and my son in his hospital room. During the interview she gathered information about my son and promised caregivers that would be compatible with him. She delivered 3 different caregivers that cover my sons needs for 12 hours a day for 3 days. They were all outstanding. Moreover, since we did not know what day or the time of day he would be released, she suggested that we call her office when we knew his time and day of release. We were able to give them 3-4 hours notice and a caretaker arrived as promised. The high quality of skills that came with the caregivers impressed me as well as the dedication of RC’s staff in their response to our specific needs. Without reservation I recommend Reliable Caregivers to anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area that needs a caregiver for a love one or them selves.
Posted on Yelp on 10/27/15 by Bernard F., Monterey Park, CA
I am so impressed with the service of Reliable. Susan and her team are very responsive, knowledgeable, and do an amazing job taking care of their clients and assuring families that their loved ones are in great hands and well cared for. I would highly recommend them as a resource to anyone in need of caregivers!
Posted on Yelp on 6/29/15 by Jim C., San Anselmo, CA
Seamless experience from request to final billing. My 85 y.o. mother visited for a week and what has historically been a totally depleting and exhausting experience for me turned into one that I could actually enjoy. Instead of bickering, my mother and I had a great time together. Caregiver T. was kind, attentive, hard working, gentle and very sincere. My mother will return early next year and we’ve already asked T. to come back again!!!
Posted on Yelp on 11/5/14 by Suzanne K., Oakland, CA
I recently got married (yay!) and my father, who has a rare strain of Parkinsons disease, was going to make the difficult trek from Brooklyn to SF and back for the last time of his life. Since we needed care while he was here, I set out to vet a reliable caregiver. Thankfully, I chose the service with the name that said it all. They were perfect.

My first interaction was via phone with Talya. She had the most calming, reassuring manner about her, and set the tone for using their service. My interaction with her was wonderful.

The aid they sent to us, D., was so good, my step-mother offered to kidnap him and take him back to Brooklyn to work there. He had a great way with my father, and the rest of the family, which helped them enjoy the city, and the wedding. He stayed later on a whim, as needed, and was generally rolling with the flow. Traveling across the country with a 180 pound man who has little control over any aspect of his body was immensely challenging for my step-brother and step-mother…. Knowing that they had quality help while they were here, was a huge relief for us.

This was the last time my father was to see his home state of California, and his only child marry. Reliable Caregivers made that experience as easy as one could ask, and for that my family is extremely grateful. Thank you Talya, D., and the rest of the team.

Posted on Yelp on 3/17/14 by Cole B., San Francisco, CA
Vicki Paul of Reliable Caregivers is the geriatric care manager for my 89 year old Mom. She knows how to handle the toughest situations. More than a career, this is her calling. She found great home health aides and suggested a wonderful private geriatric doctor who makes house calls, even on weekends. Vicki coordinates the whole team, including Kaiser, to get my Mom optimal care so that she can remain in her home, safely and with dignity. This is a versatile agency that goes the extra mile. She supports the patient and the family with warmth, humor and expertise. It is a pleasure to work with someone of this caliber.
Posted on Yelp on 11/18/13 by Nancy D., San Mateo, CA
We had a great experience with them when we needed help for an unplanned hotel overnight stay for my elderly frail mother when our flight was cancelled at SFO. With only a few hours notice this very professional agency sent us a competent and kind caregiver.
I highly recommend them.
Posted on Yelp on 7/4/13 by I.R., San Francisco, CA
I have worked with Vicki Paul, Care Manager at Reliable Caregivers, for several years. She is a wonderful person, very dedicated, excellence focused and professional. She loves being a care manager, and it shows in everything she does. She has 30+ years’ experience in the field, and is also an LVN. Vicki really cares about her clients, and frequently goes above and beyond to give them the very best service possible. She is a terrific asset to Reliable Caregivers and their outstanding team.
Posted on Yelp on 3/20/13 by Irene D., San Francisco, CA
From the moment I called and spoke to Jennifer at Reliable Caregivers I knew that my uncle was going to receive supreme care at his home. I was not disappointed and neither was he. They provided him with love, understanding & compassion. They provided me with excellent communication and the knowledge that my uncle was comfortable at all times. Thank you
Posted on Yelp on 6/28/12 by Connor G., Las Vegas, NV
Reliable Caregivers and their dedicated team has always been a valuable resource for many of the families and residents I have worked with over the last several years. Their team has been highly responsive and willing to help at a moment’s notice. In addition, senior-leadership / management are always available and strive to ensure that the services their clients are provided maintain the highest level of professional standards and satisfaction. I would highly recommend Reliable Caregivers.
Posted on Yelp on 3/27/12 by Dean F., San Francisco, CA
After interviewing a couple of other agencies and feeling very discouraged, I remembered that someone from Reliable had called me, and that Reliable was on the list CPMC had given me. L. and J. visited my mother and me and we liked them immediately. L. and J. listened to our needs, and were willing to work with our requirements. They were high energy, positive, and accommodating. By comparison the other agencies, particularly one which had a good reputation in SF, acted as if we worked for them and that we didn’t have options. Both the call and the visit sold us and very fortunately what was promised was delivered. Also, the prices were competitive with other agencies and given the cost of care, that was very significant. I would recommend Reliable Caregivers without hesitation.
Helen B., San Francisco, CA
Reliable Caregivers is one of the best non medical caregiving companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their caregivers are professional , compassionate and caring ! As a Geriatric Care Manager and Health Advocate, I would recommend them to anyone needing in home assistance.
Posted on Yelp on 1/19/12 by Michelle G., Oakland, CA
As a professional in the senior care industry and as a Gerontologist, I would highly recommend Reliable Caregivers to anyone who is considering short or long term non-medical home care for an aging loved one. Their staff is highly professional, ethical and willing to go that “Extra Mile” to ensure that their clients are well-cared for. Each client is provided a personalized plan-of-care that is based upon best practices which is designed to enhance the highest caliber of well-being / quality-of-life for the seniors they serve. A wonderful company comprised of the industry’s best!
Posted on Yelp on 1/19/12 by Kyle C., San Francisco, CA
As a nurse, I’ve worked with Reliable Caregivers in two premier facilities over several years. I found them always to be responsive to the individual needs of our residents, and they were excellent at communicating with me and the families as well. I was always able to reach a live person if any issues were to arise. I know that if the residents could use the internet, they would have high praise for Reliable’s service as well!
Posted on Yelp on 12/16/11 by Cecelia P., Edmonds, WA
I recently had a medical emergency and needed 24 hour in-house care for several days as well as follow-up care visits.

Talya Onorato and her team at Reliable Caregivers did an excellent job by selecting matching personality caregivers who took great care of me while I was physically incapacitated. All their arrangements were efficient and always on time.

I enjoyed working with very pleasant and friendly caregivers who would not even accept a gratuity (company policy). Great team, very happy patient…!

Posted on Yelp by Siggi E, on 12/14/11, San Francisco, CA
I recently worked with Linda Leary, RN and owner, and Talya Onorato, Gerontologist and I was so impressed with their knowledge of their business, their efficiency and organization, but mostly their dedication to the clients they serve. As a physician, that is of utmost importance to me…what a team!
Posted on Yelp by Peggy L., on 11/21/11, Kailua, HI
I wanted to write to comment specifically on the care that my father received with (caregiver) after his recent stroke.

I work in the health care profession myself as a physician and as a result I have had considerable experience in observing caretakers in my own hospital. It would be an understatement to say that (caregiver) is unquestionably one of the finest care givers with whom I have ever had the privilege of working. This was naturally a difficult and stressful time for me and my family. I would say that it was in large part due to (caregiver’s) expert care, patience, and extraordinary compassion that we were able to get through the week leading up to my son’s Bar Mitzvah. We felt so priveleged and fortunate to have his assistance with my father.

(Caregiver) impressed not only me and my family with the excellence of his care, but also our numerous friends and extended family members. Several of our guests came up to me or called me to comment spontaneously on thier observations of (caregiver) in his interactions with my father. He was able to provide my father with a sense of dignity and respect at a time when it felt so much had been lost. He showed remarkable flexibility, discretion and an uncanny nature of being able to adapt to a complicated and unpredictable schedule. We felt understood as a family, respected, and reassured by his calm and competent presence. It is clear also that he is a person of the highest integrity.

Thank you so much for your help. My father is safely back home in Zimbabwe now, but still remembers the kindness of his time with (caregiver). We will certainly remember our contact with your agency and speak of you in the highest possible terms.

R.J.S., MD (son)
My family found Reliable Caregivers when we were at our worst: in crisis. Who knew that it would turn out to be the best of things!

My 83-year-old father had collapsed with severe colon infection. It was clear that this time, unlike previous issues requiring hospitalization that he could not be at home unless there was a professional caregiver on hand.

Thank God for Reliable! Owner Linda Leary met with us in person and zeroed in on our family dynamics, needs, limitations (and our strengths!) and was able to match us with a caregiver who fit in with both my parent’s personalities (which are quite different) and work well with both.

Our caregiver was able to get my father- a stubborn man- to cooperate with her and he more-or-less fell “in love” with her, coming to realize that having home help didn’t make him less independent, but more independent.

Not only was our caregiver able to attend to Dad’s nursing needs, enabling him to be at home, her presence freed up my mother’s time, so that my mother was finally able to attend to her own health issues and social needs. Our caregiver even helped Mom catch up on some of the light household tasks that had been left by the wayside while previously caring for Dad, such as sorting out the linen closet, helping make a list of home repairs that needed doing, and even hemming my father’s pants, which Mom simple hadn’t been able to get to.

But the most critical part was the caregiver’s combination of unobtrusiveness when not needed and absolute availability when she was needed. My parents both felt they could live their lives and do their usual routines without feeling intruded upon.

Linda Leary and Reliable Caregivers are astute in their practical skills, logistical handling, their compassion and sensitivity to the differing family dynamics, their monitoring and follow-ups. They listen to what you, the client, has to say, and accommodate, leaving you, the client, in control.

Thank you Thank you Thank you, Reliable! You helped my parents help themselves, thus enabling this long-distance daughter, living 900 miles away, to sleep at night!

D.S., Seattle, WA