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Aging and Disaster Preparedness: Steps to take to protect yourself

A disaster can happen at any moment – are you prepared? At Reliable Caregivers, we have implemented multiple emergency preparedness measures in order to respond to our client’s needs in the event of a disaster. Now it’s your turn! Planning ahead for an emergency reduces anxiety and increases your ability to protect yourself and your [...]

Technology that Promotes an Older Adult’s Independence at Home

Technology isn’t just for the young any longer! Tech usage among older adults is growing, and there are now more options than ever for easy-to-use devices and tools to enhance safety and promote independence at home. The following are some devices to consider to help your loved one stay safe and happy at home: Personal [...]

Reliable Caregivers’ Home Care Services Enhance Independence

Caring for older adults is about more than taking over tasks that the person is no longer able to perform; it's about improving quality of life by cultivating a sense of independence. Home care agencies, like Reliable Caregivers of San Francisco, help your loved ones remain safe at home while promoting independence and a sense [...]

Let Go of the Little Things to Encourage Independence

When caring for an older loved one, people often feel the need to do everything they can to make sure their loved one is taken care of, including the tasks that the care recipient is capable of doing himself or herself. However, there is a difference between providing care for someone and doing everything for [...]

How to Add Joy to Everyday Activities for Seniors

When caring for an elderly loved one, it can be easy to slip into a humdrum routine of slogging through one mundane task after another. However, with just a little creativity, even the most monotonous of activities can become an enjoyable and anticipated event. While there are an unlimited number of ideas for planned activities [...]

10 Treatments That May Do More Harm Than Good

If your doctor prescribes a specific medication or procedure for you, you’re probably likely to follow his or her advice without questioning it. According to the American Geriatrics Society, however, it’s wise to be informed and to question treatments which may not only be unnecessary, but potentially harmful. Choosing Wisely, an initiative founded by the [...]

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Why Becoming Your Parent’s Parent Is a Bad Idea

Caring for an aging parent often creates a complex relationship between the parent, who is used to advising and assisting the child, and the adult child who now feels as though she is in a parent-like role caring for her own parent. According to Forbes contributing writer Howard Gleckman, however, the worst advice for a [...]