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Client Care Managers set us apart

The Client Care Managers are responsible for all aspects of a Reliable Client’s care and satisfaction as well as overseeing the appropriate matching of Caregiver(s) to the Client.  Providing care begins with the initial Client, family or trusted advisor call to Reliable. This is followed by a Client Care Manager doing a “Home-Intake” visit to meet the Client and any others involved in the Client’s well-being as well as continued monitoring of the Client’s case through to the next step of Staffing.

Working with the Staffing Coordinator to find the best match for the client, the Client Care Manager continues to oversee the Client’s care, visiting on a regular basis, to assure continuity of care and to assist with any possible issues that arise.

The Client Care Manager is in regular contact with Client and when requested, family members or others, overseeing caregiver’s care and addressing any problems or basic needs that may arise.

If you are seeking or have a caregiver and are not getting an experienced Client Care Manager included in your hourly rate, give us a call. We’d be glad to help.  We’re on call for you 24 x 7.